Tracking Reagents

ProteinTracker is an open-source web application that is designed to assist organizations in tracking data related to protein production and purification. The application tracks details on batches of purified proteins, supes, cell lines, and DNA constructs and includes search functionality, generation of PDF reports, and login authentication for the addition of new records, or editing of existing records.

Requesting Reagents

Users of the application may request protein from transient transfections, stable cell lines, and batches of existing protein. ProteinTracker also supports requests for protein purification, DNA production and notification via email of changes in the status of requests. The request queues can be prioritized by an administrator using a simple user interface.


ProteinTracker is a three-tier client-server web application developed in Java, with client-side rendering managed by Ajax-enabled JavaScript libraries. The application uses PostgreSQL for the relational data store and manages persistence between the database and the logic tier using the Hibernate framework. ProteinTracker can be deployed in a Servlet container that implements the Servlet 2.4 or greater specification. Both PostgreSQL and many Servlet containers are available for multiple operating systems.

Documentation & Source Code Availability

All documentation, source code and release downloads of the application are maintained at the Sourceforge repository. This web site is provided to allow users to try out a demonstration version of the application, and to provide a brief summary of some of the applications capabilities.